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Double Site Champions for Bella Gabriella */*/- (TB)

Two Oldenburg Site Champions in a row! In 2013, our Oldenburg colt Rogue WRF (aka “Tiger”) got our attention by receiving the Site Champion Foal Award at the Chestnut Lawn inspection in September. It was even more overwhelming to listen to the name of our 2014 colt Riverboat Gambler (aka “Maverick”) being announced as the Site Champion last month! Both of these fantastic colts are offered for sale!

What an amazing legacy for our beloved Fina, who we lost in 2014 due to complications caused by old racing injuries. Fina (Bella Gabriella) was the most amazing mother, consistent producer of quality foals showing modern types, gorgeous looks, and superb athleticism. Each of her five foals (Snoopy, Luna, Lyra, Tiger, and Maverick) shares her beautiful, expressive face, rich black bay color, and distinctive, modern type.

We are all very excited to continue Fina’s great legacy in our future breeding program, though we will always miss our foundation mare as she is the one who started it all.

R.I.P. sweet, sweet girl. You have done well.