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And what a GRAND Re-Opening It Was!!

A wise person once said:

“Make the most out of tonight and worry about it all tomorrow.”

I couldn’t have said it better about our grand re-opening celebration last Saturday night. To all of the 100 or so friends and family who joined us in toasting the new equestrian facilities at Whistling Ridge Farm, I say, “CHEERS!” and “Thank you so very much for your support and friendship!”

To all of those who couldn’t make it or chose not to, I say: “You missed one helluva party!” 🙂

Indeed, we have made the most of the challenges that life has thrown our way over the past two years. Our brand new horse boarding stable and indoor riding arena are proof that all things are possible with a LOT of hard work (I hope I never stain another piece of wood in my entire life) and a little luck.

Here’s to many, many years of providing joy and happiness to all who call Whistling Ridge Farm home – horses or humans!